Survey of Occupy Movement Participants

In February 2012, Professor Maguire and some of his doctoral students and colleagues from other universities designed this instrument to measure perceptions of law and justice among members of the Occupy movement.  As of April 2012, the survey has been fielded in six cities, with data collection ongoing in Houston, Dallas, Oakland, and Phoenix.  Initial data collection has already been completed in New York City and Washington DC.   Initial results will be released shortly.

Other universities involved in this project include Arizona State University, Sam Houston State University, San Francisco State University, and the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Click here to download the instrument.
  • Click here for a New York Times article that discusses the study.

Trinidad and Tobago Community Surveys

Professor Maguire and his research team developed this set of survey instruments to learn more about the attitudes and experiences of residents in two communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Measuring Police Service Quality in Orangetown

Professor Maguire and his honors students worked with officers from a police agency to develop this citizen survey instrument.  The goal was to measure the dimensions of perceived service quality of police outlined in a Police Foundation report entitled Policing for People (written by Stephen Mastrofski).  The police agency requested anonymity, so it was assigned the pseudonym "Orangetown."

  • Click here for a copy of the survey instrument
  • Click here for a copy of the published paper resulting from this study

Measuring Problem-Oriented Policing in Colorado Springs

Professor Maguire and his students devised an instrument to perform a content analysis of problem-oriented policing (POP) cases in the Colorado Springs Police Department, considered by many to be an icon of POP in the United States.

  • Click here for a copy of the study's coding sheet.
  • Click here for a copy of the scoring rubric used to answer the subjective questions.
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  • Click here for a copy of a published paper that resulted from this study.

1998 Survey of Large Municipal Police Agencies

When Professor Maguire was at the University of Nebraska, he and his team administered this survey instrument to all municipal police agencies in the United States with 100 or more sworn officers (n=482).

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